Sally Rag Doll Costume for girls | Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

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Life in Halloween Town is pretty sweet! Well actually, it’s pretty confusing. The mayor is literally two-faced. Your crush, the pumpkin king is always scheming. And let’s not even talk about your Dad. Wait, actually let’s talk about your Dad for a second. He’s a Mad scientist that sewed you together by hand and keeps you locked in a tower under lock and key. That’s some intense parenting. Ok, maybe life in Halloween Town isn’t that great for Sally but she has a way of making the best of things. First off, she always can find a way of escaping the overly protective Dr. Finkelstien, usually by lightly dosing his soup with deadly nightshade. She might be shy but when her town needs a voice of reason above the loud luster of the new and exciting Christmas she’s there quietly to reason with Jack. Also, we can’t imagine a better character to make her careful way through the gorgeous graveyard landscape singing a beautiful melody. So, if you want to make sure Halloween stays true to Halloween then everyone’s favorite rag doll, Sally is the perfect character to channel. Don’t worry about leaving the mad doctor behind. He can always sew together a new family! Halloween night is all Sally’s with this elegant version of her patched-together look. The dress has ragged cut capped sleeves, a princess cut bodice, and a ragged hemline. The patches are bright in shades of gold, magenta, and blue. The ensemble also comes with a ruffled petticoat, stitch print fingerless gloves, and a yarn textured red wig. Pair it with a pair of stitched tights to make the rag doll look complete. You’ll be there to remind everyone that Christmas has its own time, this is Halloween!

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