Secret Warriors Ms. Marvel Girls Costume

377,00 kr.

Color: Orange/Red/Blue
Material: Polyester
Condition: new
Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc
Network: Commission Junction

Til butik


Get Marvelous!Tony Stark might think it was amusing to dress up as him for Halloween. But Ms. Marvel, the ultimate comic book, sci fi, and superhero fangirl herself, would be thoroughly delighted! Kamala Khan, the teenage Muslim Pakistani hero of Jersey City, will be a role model for any young Marvel fan. And with her movie coming out soon, there’s no better time to jump on the Ms. Marvel bandwagon! Move over, Spider-Man. Ms. Marvel’s in town.Product DetailsThis Secret Warriors version of Ms. Marvel’s costume has everything needed to turn yourself into Marvel’s next hot superhero. Like the hero, her costume is designed to stretch in many different ways for maximum comfort, speed, and flexibility! The tunic is emblazoned with her yellow lightning bolt emblem. The left sleeve of her costume is printed to mimic the power bands Ms. Marvel wears on her left wrist. Instead of a cape, Ms. Marvel wears a flowing scarf and eye mask to hide her identity. Slip-on shoe covers also have the hero’s emblem on the back.Halloween Candy: Embiggen!One of Ms. Marvel’s abilities is embiggening. This means she can change the size of any of her body parts at will. You may notice the amount of Halloween candy received is embiggened too, after wearing this Marvelous costume! Every piece needed to feel like a hero from head to toe is included in this costume set. The only crime fighting happening here is the crime of not buying this costume immediately.

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