Self-Adhering Classic Superhero Costume Mask

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Secret IdentityWait! Stop right there! Now that your biggest world-rescuing moment just broke on the major news networks, you might be thinking how nice it would be to get a little credit for your derring-do, right? Well, before you have your “I am Iron Man” moment, remember this – your secret identity is your biggest asset when it comes to having a normal life. Imagine having to hire a bodyguard to hustle you down the street because clamoring throngs follow you wherever you go. Better to be adored as a secretive hero and still get the perks of anonymity, are we right? Product DetailsProtect your mild-mannered alter ego with this handy Classic Superhero Self-Adhering Mask! The one-size-fits-all accessory is comfortable to wear and gentle to remove, thanks to its excellent design. Generous eyeholes ensure that you can see where you’re flying so that you can catch that plummeting jet!The Only Disguise You’ll NeedNow, we know what you’re thinking – surely a mask isn’t enough to conceal my identity? Never fear! If a pair of nerdy, thick-rimmed glasses was enough to keep Clark Kent from being recognized as Superman, this mask will do the trick for you!

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