Sewer Rat Costume for Adults

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Til butik

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It Hunts in the DarkWhy does everyone worry about killer clowns lurking in the sewer, or toothy alligators who slipped down the drain by accident and grew to enormous sizes? Please. We’re more concerned about the real threat hidden in those murky, smelly waters. Anyone who descends the rusty, foul ladder and splashes into the half-submerged tunnels below will find themselves in a fight for their lives with the most terrifying kind of monster imaginable: The kind with huge front teeth, a giant, worm-like tail, and an insatiable appetite for human flesh! Stand aside, Pennywise – we don’t fear clowns anymore, we fear rodents! Does anyone have a really big mousetrap and an oversized slice of Cheddar? Product DetailsYou’ll never look at your storm drain the same way again after you see this delightfully creepy, exclusively designed Sewer Rat Adult Costume! The one-piece jumpsuit fastens at the back for easy dressing and its torso, upper legs, and upper arms are made of mangy-looking long-pile faux fur. The lower arms and legs are flesh-colored polyester blend that fits snugly and looks like rat skin. Clawed gloves flip back for whenever you need to get your grabbers on a piece of garbage and the attached shoe covers hide your regular footwear. Pull the fanged hood over your head for an extra dangerous appearance! *Angry Hiss* While everyone else is dressed as a vampire or a zombie, you’ll take the prize as the most uniquely horrifying monster costume at the party! Make your friends laugh (and make them a little nervous) by dressing as a sewer rat this year!

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