Sexet Synder kostume til kvinde

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Old HabitsStyles truly have changed throughout the sixty years that you have been a committed member of your convent. Looking through your closet, you see how the times outside have managed to influence the styles of the habits that you have worn. From the stodgy old wool of the 40s, through the flared and bright cotton of the 70s, you come to the new style that just came out.It is a little thing, that doesn’t quite cover as much as the old one did. This one’s got slits almost up to the hips and a deep neckline that would make Satan himself blush. But, well, standing in the way of progress never works, so you slip it on while trying not to feel too exposed. Actually, it is kind of nice, you think. It is so light and flowy; it will be great for gardening. Maybe this will be more flattering on your wrinkly, old skin too! Besides, you still deserve to feel sexy, even at eighty years old!Nun of Your BusinessThis Sexy Sultry Sinner Women’s Costume takes some inspiration from the habits of nuns, such as the black and white color and the embroidered crosses. The high slits, garter belts, low-cut top, and bared arms are all additions that we added to help make this old, classic look chic once more.Beyond the VeilIf you are looking for a sexy and sultry nun costume, then you are in the right place! Sinning and blessing have never been as close as they are when you wear this outfit.

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