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SPACEWe might be here selling costumes right now, but someday we would like to believe that we will have a chance to get out amongst the stars. In the future, when space travel becomes more popular we can hop on a tour shuttle and take a trip around the earth, maybe go jump around on the moon. If we are lucky, we could even go take a tanning trip around the sun. And when people finally start living up there in the big empty vacuum of space, well, they will still need costumes! And we will hopefully be the company delivering them. So we will just hop into our little delivery space shuttle and make a trip to the nearest space colony to drop off a couple vampire costumes and a werewolf costume. Shipping might be kind of expensive, but what can you expect when you are living out in space? FUN DETAILS This costume will leave you all ready for space travel! Well, not technically, you’d need to be trained and stuff, but you’ll certainly look the part! That’s because you’ll be wearing a jumpsuit that has been styled to look like an astronaut’s suit! The jumpsuit is white and has black and blue detailing, along with a flag on the leg and on the arm! We’ve included boot toppers that are designed to fit over most heels, and we have also included the harness you see in the picture. All you will need is a shuttle to ride on and your costume will be complete. ASTRONAUTWhen we were growing up, becoming an astronaut was something of a far-fetched profession. Not that it wasn’t possible, there just wasn’t a whole lot of positions available. But, hopefully, as we all colonize the stars, we can all have a chance to be astronauts!

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