Sexy Black Lace Pirate Hat

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Just a HatWe know what’s on everyone’s mind, and we feel we need to address it. When we say pirate hat, we know that there are only a few images that come to mind: Black Tricorn, and… uh… Yep. That’s pretty much what we’ve got. Give us a captain and we have the same hat every time. Well, how is a pirate supposed to live in infamy if their hat is the same as the last famous pirate to sail the seven seas!? How is anyone going to leave an impression and create their own iconic image? We know that you aspire to being the greatest and most fearsome and, most importantly, the most fashionable of history’s pirates!More Than Just a HatThe reason we bring this up, though, is that we believe we have developed a solution! Enter this Sexy Black Lace Pirate Hat. Create that reputation as the most terrifying yet fashion-forward pirate on the high seas. This black velvet hat is edged with black lace and a perfectly contrasting gold piping to give you an exotic and rich look filled with frills and thrills-to show off all the bounty you collect! The luxurious red satin bow will have your onlookers attention drawn right to you just long enough for them to wonder if it is passion or blood that they’re about to see. Stay devilishly good looking while you engage in your devious acts of piracy and make sure that your look is memorable!

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