Sexy De Vilish Women’s Costume

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Well, Haute Dog!Are you craving fashion? Having good taste is as addictive as cheesecake or anything else that literally has a good taste. It happens slowly. First, you might have a laugh at people tottering in the streets in stiletto heels. Then you try a pair on. “It’s for a laugh”, you say. “I’m not going to buy them”, you say. Then you take a gander in the mirror and you’re totally wowed. Who’s this supermodel? Soon you’ll find your self slipping on silky elbow length gloves for a night on the town. You’ll find yourself investing in thick fur coats one winter and one fine day that you’re still wearing fur in the spring and you still love it! Think you’ve got what it takes to devote yourself to fashion. Dive right in when you make this costume part of your wardrobe!Product DetailsThis four-piece costume feels luxurious as soon as you slip it on! The velvet bodysuit has a high neck and is layered under a lovely Dalmatian print cloak. Button details, a flowing design, and a hood will all make this cape pop. Red, silky elbow-length gloves will add a shot of color while the long cigarette holder is there to make your haute-contour posing extra photogenic. Fur RealThis chic look is sure to make for some amazing photo ops! Finish off this look with tall boots, fishnet tights, and a black and white fashion wig for a costume that is a unique take on everyone’s favorite fur-obsessed villain. Now, we wouldn’t suggest that you offer to dog sit for your friends when rocking this look but we’re sure that it will make a stunning look for any costumed occasion. The only question left is, is your bark worse than your bark? Anyone who gets in your way will surely find out!

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