Sexy Firegirl Plus Size Costume for Women | Occupation Costume

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Bring the HeatNot everyone can take the heat but this Halloween, you won’t even break a sweat, in fact, you’ll be bringing the heat with this Sexy Firegirl Costume. Once you toss on this stylish costume you’ll feel ready to break down the doors on a burning building. You’ll want to drive a big red fire-truck down the street with the sirens blaring. You’ll catch yourself constantly checking nearby trees for cats that climbed too high! However, we think that energy will serve you better on the dance floor. Get the party fired up with your fiery attitude and the hottest moves in your dance arsenal!As we’re sure you know, firefighters don’t go up against the fires with nothing else but their bare hands… (Although, how crazy would that be?) No, they have plenty of tools to help them, so we encourage you to take a look at our many firefighter accessories to improve this already amazing costume.The Fiery DesignThis sassy firefighter costume is quite simple and takes next to no time to toss on. The dress has reflective tape strips on the sleeves, bust, and the hemline as well. It also has a front, center zipper along with metal clasps at the waist to make things easier for you! The belt has a hook and loop fastener at the back and a decorative metal buckle on the front. The elastic suspenders are sewn to the fabric of the belt making it easy to add a playful touch to your look this Halloween!Burn it UpTurn up the heat on the dance floor when you do the Cha-Cha in this Sexy Firegirl Costume. Just don’t be surprised if the actual fire department shows up because, with this outfit, you’re going to be on fire this Halloween… and the rest of the building may suffer the consequences.

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