Sexy Knee High Costume Boots

440,00 kr.

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Don’t Forget Your Shoes!When it comes to putting together the perfect costume, it’s all about the details. That’s what really sells a look, isn’t it? Would you expect people to believe you’re a pirate when you’re wearing tennis shoes? How about walking on the moon in a pair of dancing shoes? (What is this, Michael Jackson’s moonwalk!?) Of course not (and it has nothing to do with the lack of tennis shoes during Renaissance times)Since it is so crucial to be costumed perfectly from head to toe, we’re happy to offer a pair of amazing knee-high boots that will give that final shine to a ton of different costume looks! Fun DetailsThese sleek boots come in all black and are made of faux leather. They’re even coated with a glossy finish to really make them shine. They have a 4-inch heel and a 1.5-inch platform. For that perfect style, they feature laces on the front, but you can also depend on an ankle zipper for a secure fit that’s even easier to put on. The Final TouchThese boots are perfect for any number of costumes! Whether you’re a pirate, a renaissance lady (or even a particularly stylish alien, we suppose), we are certain that these boots are the perfect finishing touch for whoever you become.

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