Sexy Mad Scientist for Women’s

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Lab SafetyWhen you suggested switching up lab uniforms, you were called mad. But in your opinion, it’s everyone else that’s mad! Laboratories get hot. With Bunsen burners always burning like too many candles, steam filling the room as liquids pass from one vessel to another, and at least two excited scientists eagerly involved in the experiments, everything gets sweaty!Your solution to this simple problem was losing some length on the lab coat or scrapping a layer or two of latex. Not throwing the entire uniform in a heap on the ground. But if your fellows are going to call you the mad scientist in the room, the least you can do is lean into the title. Then, when you stroll into your next study wearing this Women’s Sexy Mad Scientist, it’ll be you who gets the last laugh!Product DetailsMad or perfectly sane, one thing is for sure: this costume is a genius choice! Steam up the lab or Halloween dance floor when you layer the translucent white jacket over the included black bodysuit. Its lightweight vinyl construction offers splash resistance, while thoughtful detailing gives the cropped coat a structured look.Black plastic buttons down the front of the costume coat are stylish and functional, opening to make getting into the piece easy. An included pair of wet-look black rubber gloves complete the ensemble. Just don’t forget to grab a pair of safety goggles before meeting with your chemistry partner. This costume is not recommended for wear in a real lab setting.

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