Sexy Men’s Lion Costume

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Mane-stayHaving one single hairstyle that you always go for is something of a fashion faux pas. Most people alternate between a few different (but well known) hairstyles, but some few of us find such a perfect do that we can’t bear to do anything different.Lions are firmly in the latter category. Their manes are just about the most impressive things in the animal kingdom, so it is small wonder that that king of beasts would not ever want to change. If only we could all be so lucky!Product DetailsBeing fierce and looking ferocious is easier than ever when you wear this Men’s Sexy Lion Costume. This “Made By Us” costume was put together by our hard working and careful artisans, so you will feel good about wearing this for years to come. The shorts and hooded harness give you all the leonine features that you are looking for in a costume. The padded tail and full mane are a step above the competition. You will feel like the king of cats from the moment you don this costume to the moment you doff it again at the end of the night. Let your pride know who the king is when you wear this costume!We’d be Lion……if we said you won’t look great in this costume! There is no better way to show off your hard work than to strut your stuff in this Men’s Sexy Lion Costume. From head to toe, you will look and feel like the fiercest of all the big cats. Just watch out for any cougars!

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