Sexy Midnight Bat Women’s Costume

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Hanging Out with FriendsBeing a bat is cool. You get to fly around all night feasting and playing, then you sleep all day in some random bat box. Then there’s the fact that you have sweet echolocation and super hearing powers, plus you look so darn cute all the time with your little ears and whiskers. It is great to be a bat, right up until you have to find a dress for your bat prom!You got asked out by the cutest bat boy in bat school, and now you are looking for something to wear. There are two ways you can play this. You can either hang back at the box with your family instead of going, or you can accept his invitation and show up looking so fly that the other bats don’t know what hit ’em. We think you should get out there and kill it in this Sexy Midnight Bat Women’s Costume!Your Own Fang ClubIf you want to win best dressed at bat prom, this costume will do all the hard work for you. It is a one-piece bodysuit of faux leather that zips up the front stylishly. The attached faux leather sleeves and mesh wings are just like a bat’s should be, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got it going on. Bat prom Queen is yours for the taking!Fine as a BatIf you are looking for a costume to represent the famously cute, flying mouse, the bat, then this is the one for you! It is sexy and stylish, so you sit back and relax knowing that you look great. Just don’t go near anyone dressed as a baseball, or it might get messy!

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