Sexy Mystery Pup Women’s Costume

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Doggone MysteriousDogs live the best lives of any animal on the planet. They sit in our homes, enjoying our air conditioning and soft couches all day while we slave away at our jobs. They hardly ever contribute to the income of the home, but they still get their food and drink paid for. When they get tired of sitting in one place all day, they have the audacity to (cutely) as to be taken on a walk!If that life sounds good to you, then you might like this Sexy Mystery Pup Women’s Costume. In this costume, your only responsibility will be to eat snacks, chill out, and occasionally unmask a villain whose plan was objectively terrible. What a great life it will be to drive around from adventure to adventure, always making new friends and finding more mystery pup snacks! That’s an offer that is hard to pass up.Dog TiredNot only will the lifestyle be good when you become a mystery dog, but the outfit is incredible as well! The one-piece costume is made of very soft, comfortable fabric that feels like a blanket is wrapped all around you. The built-in tail and ears make you look the part, and the collar pendant attached to the zipper adds that last touch of canine style. The best part is that if you get tired, you can curl up anywhere and nap guilt-free!Tail for Another DayIf you are looking for the best way to dress up as man’s best friend, then this is the costume for you! Your loyalty and affection will be obvious to everyone when you help solve mysteries in this costume, and you will look and feel pawsome!

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