Sexy Nurse Heartbreaker Costume

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NURSEA heartbreaker nurse is caught in a neverending, and slightly ironic cycle. You see, this nurse, a hardworking young woman just trying to do some good in the world, is doing her absolute best with each patient. And just when she has fixed them up and brought them back to good health, she has to break their hearts by going away. You can see where this might be problematic. The second that she has finished helping them, she ends up hurting them again! Problem is, no one really knows how to fix a broken heart. The nurse might want to help, but as long as she is around the broken heart can never truly heal. And so, she must leave her wounded patient behind, and let them heal on there own. This is the predicament that a nurse Heartbreaker would have to go through every single day. FUN DETAILS This costume was inspired by a nurses outfit! You’ll be wearing a white dress complimented with red accents across the torso. We’ve included a belt, with a white cross in the middle. You’ll find the same white crosses lower on the skirt; these are the easiest way for people to realize that you are there to help! Last but not least, you’ll be wearing a nurse’s hat. The hat is white and red and again sports the recognizable red cross. This costume is a fun and easily recognizable take on a nurse’s outfit! HEARTBREAKERNow, we know there is no true cure for heartbreak. Heartbreak is an injury to feelings, not the body, and that complicates things considerably for anyone trying to heal. But we do know something that can help the symptoms: Ice cream! We are prescribing one gallon of ice cream every day, for the next two and a half weeks. Doctors Orders!

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