Sexy Nutcracker Costume for Women

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Get Crackin’!The ballet, The Nutcracker might be fanciful but it’s more accurate than some might think. There are a lot of Christmas demons like the Rat King out there. You might know these Christmas demons. For instance, there’s Christmas traffic. It’s dangerous, it’s wild, and it can kill the Christmas spirit faster than a little brother with jealousy issues. Or there’s the other holiday demon that’s always threatening to take down the holly jolly vibe, Christmas song knock-offs. You might think you’re listening to Mariah Carey while you’re picking up a goose with all the trimmings from a grocery store but the intro finishes to reveal a choir of children singing…no! The thing is, you can take on all these Christmas demons with ease when you step into the shoes of The Nutcracker. Whether it’s Christmas stress or the Rat King himself, this Nutcracker costume can take on anything!Details & DesignThis bright and cheerful outfit is a great way to bring The Nutcracker into the modern era. The zippered bodysuit is detailed with scrolling gold, buttons down the bodice, and a blue belt around the waist. Fringe makes the shoulders pop for a militaristic image. The white-collar secures around the neck while the scoop neckline lets you embrace the flirty Christmas vibe. The costume is completed with a nifty top hat with a feather in the brim!Soup to NutsThis Nutcracker costume is a great beginning but topping it off for chilly weather is a lot of fun. Top this costume off with white stockings, tall boots, and nutcracker inspired makeup and your ensemble will be ready for all sorts of holiday events. From parades to parties, this is a version of the Nutcracker no one will be expecting. Those Christmas villains better get out while they can!

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