Sexy Pink Bunny Women’s Costume

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It’s Easy Being PinkWorking your way through your healthy lunch of carrots and lettuce leaves, you look around at all the other bunnies in the warren. They have never made you feel less than welcomed for looking like you do, but you still sometimes wonder what it would be like to look like them. There has never been another pink bunny for you to talk to, after all.On the other hand, you are very special and an integral part of the bunny society! Whenever people need to know how pink clothes would look on them, they just come ask you for a comparison. Whenever pink paint gets spilled in the narrow passageways of your bunny abode, you don’t hesitate to clean it up since you are pink already! All in all, it is pretty great to be pink!Defying DescriptionLooking great and feeling great are easier than ever when you wear this Women’s Sexy Pink Bunny Costume! The one-piece bodysuit ties in the back for a snug, well put-together look. The pink color is fun and adds a lot of charming style to the outfit. The attached bunny tail is fluffy and cute. You will have all the sexy bunny feeling you are going for with the bunny-shaped ears attached to the headband.Model CitizenIf you are looking for the perfect way to look great, then this is the costume for you! You will love the way you look and feel when you wear this costume due to the snug, comfortable fit and the great, even color. Being a sexy bunny has never been easier!

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