Sexy Powerful Princess Costume

440,00 kr.

Til butik


SUPERPOWERSYou’ve got the costume, now you just need to figure out your superpower! Do you want laser beam eyes? Sounds dangerous. If you look at someone the wrong way, they are dead! No, we can do better than that. Do you want to fly? You’ll be wearing a cape, flying is always a good fit with a cape! But, without any goggles on you’ll probably get bugs in your eyes… Maybe not that. Super strength could be really awesome! You could lift up a whole car with ease! Of course, if you have that power, everyone is always going to come to you when they can’t open their own pickle jar, which could get annoying… Maybe superspeed is the power for you? But, if you’re going to have super speed, you might want a helmet, because if you trip you could die… Wow, none of these powers seem to come without a downside. FUN DETAILS This costume will turn you into the most stylish superhero that the world has ever seen! You’ll be wearing a white corset, covered in your glittering golden emblem. At the center, you’ll find the red gem, the source of your power. You’ll be wearing a white skirt and a red cape at your back! Of course, you’ll need some armor, so we’ve included the armbands you see above. We don’t recommend putting them through anything too stressful. Lastly, we have your headband! Your headband leaves no doubt for the bad guys that they should be running away. POWER PRINCESSThe more we think about all the superpowers you could have, the more we realize, you don’ even need them! Superpowers are overrated. Besides, you are already super as you are! You clearly have a super sense of style, considering you are looking at this awesome costume. We think you’ll be all set with that power!

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