Sexy Referee Costume

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You know who the real heroes are in sports? The referees. They never get to play a home game, they’re always the first to get blamed on a close play, and just think of all the soccer moms and dads who love to scream at the ref when they make a call against their kid… It’s insanity. Yet, there they are. Game in and game out. Making the tough calls and standing up against the loudest of coaches screaming in their faces after a close call didn’t go their way.It’s time we recognize these brave warriors of the sports battlefields. Without referees, our games would be nothing but anarchy and craziness. We could never play a game all the way through because everyone would be fighting with each other over balls and strikes or what counts as out of bounds. It’s time to recognize the enormity of the ref’s contribution to sports. And it all starts here with this Women’s Referee Costume.Show your support for the black and white striped heroes by wearing this 100% polyester Referee costume for Halloween. It comes with a metal whistle and white cord lariat, white tube socks with black stripes, and goes great with a pair of our ref high heels from our accessory store. This Halloween, don’t forget the men and women who sacrifice the most in sports, by honoring them in this Womens Referee Costume. We’re sure they’ll appreciate you for it…

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