Sexy Squirrel Costume for Women

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Head of the SassThere are two kinds of animals in the world: those that behave according to the laws of nature, and those that behave with sass! Can you guess which ones we like better? Yep-sass wins every time! There’s almost nothing that isn’t made immeasurably better by adding a bit of fiest and fever to it. Nice is so over. The modern world calls for sarcasm, wit, whimsy, and yep, sassiness! That’s why we think it’s great that you’ve made your way to this Sexy Squirrel Women’s Costume. You practically wrote the book on sass. Lots of people can make a squirrel seem cute-they can be! There are probably folks who could pull off an “annoying squirrel” get up-because, let’s face it, they can be that, too. But only a sass-machine like you, girl, can rock this rambunctuous lil’ risque version of America’s favorite rodent (yep, squirrels are rodents!). And truly, our hat’s off to you, because that’s not an easy thing to do. There are actual squirrels who can’t pull this off!Fun DetailsThis little number will give you all the creature comforts you desire, while still remaining desirous itself! It’s a cute gray dress crafted from fleece, with a faux fur belly and a stuffed tail. The fuzzy little squirrel ears come attached to the top of this dress’ cozy hood, and we have even given you a brown acorn-inspired purse, so that you may stow snacks, your phone (SO many selfies to take in this outfit), and eventually, maybe even a few phone numbers. Storing UpLike all good squirrels, sassy or otherwise, your ability to thrive is based on timing. This costume allows you to create a well-stocked cache of compliments, photos, and great memories, so you can make it through the times that things get a bit leaner. But let’s be honest, when does that EVER happen to you?

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