Sexy Werewolf Costume

440,00 kr.

Til butik


Sometimes the feeling overtakes us all: the need to undergo a drastic change. Never forget, it is a woman’s fundamental right to change her mind. But if you look inward, you may discover you’re seeking a more total transformation than just a quick change of nail polish. Rather than lopping off your locks or confirming that tattoo appointment, how about you up your fur factor instead in a costume that will satisfy your craving for a wild new adventure. This Sexy Werewolf Costume meticulously melds a classic, chilling critter with your classy, sassy sensibility-just the alteration you had hoped and preyed for. You’ll love the way you feel like a different gal each and every time you wear it out into your urban jungle. After all, becoming a werewolf isn’t just a quick costume change, it’s a way of life-though you’ll retract your claws in between the full moons, we know you’re bound to start charting the lunar phases, eagerly awaiting your next opportunity to let your animal instincts howl. Now that you have this jagged hem dress and its faux fur collar and tail, you can rest easy knowing that you-and you, alone-can embrace your true inner calling. This costume’s headband of wolf ears and a bow are so cute, you’ll almost be tempted to ask one of your witch friends to start controlling the lunar phases, so you may slip into these cozy and chic leg warmers and wrist bands and embrace your newfound change for weeks on end.

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