Sexy Wicked Pirate Wench Women’s Costume

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Fully LootedIf you’re a fan of pirate history, you may think of hardtack, weevils, crusty salt, and rum. But that’s the thrill of modern costuming–you can skip over the gritty details and make being a pirate as sexy as you want. And this Sexy Wicked Pirate Wench Women’s Costume is peak costume confidence. Slip this on and you’ll be pillaging every Halloween candy bowl in sight.Product DetailsIt might look like there’s not a lot to this costume, but it’s got every piece you need to pull a completed outfit together. The peasant top accents your best features while the black bustier creates a flattering, streamlined form. The chain accent across the front is just enough bling, without advertising just how successful your pirating business has really been. The sleeves slip on and come pre-tattered for visual interest. High-waist shorts are slimming, and the pirate flag skirt matches the red-and-black striped head scarf. Add your favorite hosiery or leggings underneath, and maybe some cute knee-high boots. Arr, maybe you even need an eyepatch and hook!This Costume’s The Real TreasureIf you’re struggling to find a costume that’s both flattering, sexy, and tasteful, you’ve reached the X that marks the spot. This Women’s Sexy Wicket Pirate Wench Costume accents your favorite parts without showing more than you’re comfortable with. Clean lines, bold colors, and just a little bit of bling will make you feel like the most confident pirate ever. Watch out, Halloween candy bowls. It’s time to do some looting. Hand over all your Reese’s Cups!

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