Sexy Women’s Red Riding Hood Costume

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Look Out, WolfHey, Big Bad Wolf. Listen up. Stop. We know that you think it’s a good idea to trick Red Riding Hood, but that girl is no easy meal. She’s not the helpless little girl from the classic fairytale. That girl is F-I-E-R-C-E, all capitals. If you stalk her in the forest, sneak to Grandma’s House and lay a trap for her, then she’s going to give you a walloping you won’t soon forget and you’ll wish that the Woodcutter had found you instead of her. You definitely don’t want to get Little Red Riding Hood mad. If you see a girl skipping through the woods in this Red Riding Hood Costume, you’d just better not get on her bad side!Product DetailsIf you want to turn the Big Bad Wolf into a submissive little puppy, then you’re going to need a look that’s fierce! This Women’s Sexy Red Riding Costume is exactly the kind of look that will put the Wolf in his place! This costume comes with a velour pullover dress that has a lace hemline. It comes in a deep burgundy color that definitely stands out when you’re skipping through the forest to Grandma’s house. Of course, you can’t be Red Riding Hood without the hood and this dress comes with a burgundy cape with an attached hood at the shoulders. Finally, the waist cincher adds that finishing touch, giving you a dangerous look based on the classic fairytale character.Ferocious Fantasies!The Big Bad Wolf won’t dare try any funny business when you’re wearing the ferocious costume. In fact, he might start obeying your every command and become a proper good boy! Just make sure you check out some of our accessories, like black boots and stockings to craft the perfect sexy fairytale style!

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