Sexy Women’s Sailor Dress Costume

314,00 kr.

Til butik


Ahoy! You’re in the navy now! It might not be regulation, but it gets the idea across. Peel those potatoes! Swab the poop deck! (Stop giggling!) You don’t even have to get a crew cut! You might want to wear leggings if you have to get up on the rigging to hoist the sails though.We’ll come clean: “sexy” isn’t the vibe we most associated with the Age of Sail. Sweaty, tattooed men from a dozen countries stuffed in a little wooden box for months on end… yea that doesn’t sound too “sexy” to us. We can go ahead and say, without a doubt, that this shrug dress is stylish. An off-the-shoulder mini dress with classic white trim? Nautical perfection! Plus, it’s a lot more flattering than sporting a pair of high-waist slacks…that’s for sure! Whether you’re scrubbing the portholes or packing your bag for shore leave, you’ll be the envy of the pier as you strut your stuff on the gangplank. Ditch the accessories and it could even be a super-preppy non-costume dress for the yachting crowd. You’ll make skipper in no time in our off-the-shoulder Sexy Sailor Dress. Just hope it’s a three-hour tour. Because if you crash, you’re never getting off that island, and you’ll have to wear this forever. Oh, but that jaunty hat and scarf could really be your look. Maybe not so bad on second thought?

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