Shimmer and Shine Zeta Girl’s Costume

220,00 kr.

Til butik


Does your magical little kiddo love the show Shimmer and Shine? We’re sure you know about their favorite show, it’s about a couple genies in training who try to stay on top of keeping their sparkly chaos in order but do you know about the drama between the genies and the sorceress? We’d love to live in Zahramay Falls, with its purple twirl trees and huge hot pink and purple palace all set in some fluffy clouds and we bet your child would too! Here’s the thing, those pesky genies can be a bit much. That’s where the powerful sorceress, Zeta comes in. With all the clouds, giggling, and sparkles in this magical place the sorceress is needed to keep those genies on their toes. Your daughter will love dressing as the all-powerful, actually not really, she’s just trying to become the most powerful lady in Zahramay Falls. Be that through racing the genies on her motorcycle or stealing some jeweled potion, she’s going to get her way one of these days. Your little one will look very powerful in this soft and sparkly blue jacket that’s belted with a fun sparkly material with sweet green gems and has dramatically winged shoulders and a cool collar. The jacket is lined with light blue fabric. The ensemble is topped off with a twisted purple ponytail, just like Zeta’s awesome hair! Well, your little one might not be a perfect little genie but she’s sassy and powerful just like the cool sorceress Zeta.

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