Sinister Scarecrow Men’s Costume

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Did You Hear Something? Fall is the the perfect time for a hay ride in the country! Sit back and relax while the tractor or team of horses pulls you past sweet-smelling fields full of rustling leaves and…wait a minute. There was definitely a whiff of something that smelled dead back there. And did you catch that odd noise? It sounded like growling, or maybe an evil laugh. Um, how far out in the country are we and how soon can we turn around? Product DetailsScare more than just crows when you wear this petrifying Sinister Scarecrow Costume for Men! The one-piece jumpsuit fastens up the back so that you can get dressed quickly when it’s time to terrify someone away from a field. The top of the jumpsuit features gingham-printed sleeves and sides sewn to a denim-colored inset that looks like the top of a pair of overalls. The bottom of the jumpsuit is also denim-colored with faux pockets and a faux fly, as well as elastic in each ankle. The pair of brown gloves have raffia cuffs and elongated, thin fingers that are perfect for snatching at people from behind cornstalks. Lastly, slip on the mask! It conceals your face behind a set of bulging eyes (complete with viewing ports), needle-like fangs, and monster features. The attached brown hood has a decorative cord and covers your whole head and neck. No More Fun and Games You’re not the kind of scarecrow that sings and dances along a golden pathway. You’re more interested in claiming a victim than in joining a musical! (Although that would be kind of an awesome show.)

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