Skeleton Mermaid Kids Costume

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Danger in the Deep Beware, divers and sailors! The ocean isn’t all rainbow coral and luminous jellyfish. Deep beneath the waves, in the darkest shadow of a sunken ship’s barnacle-crusted hull, lives a phantom being who preys on sea creatures and land dwellers alike. A true mermaid, she loves her watery playground and considers all two-legged beings dangerous. She doesn’t want to be “part of your world” – she’d rather lure you to your doom! Leave her alone and all you might see is a midnight colored fin cutting the water or a flash of moonlight on skeleton as she sings a haunting song to the inky horizon. Bother her or hunt her and the last thing you’ll see is her fangs! Product Details Be the deadly queen of the waves in this Skeleton Mermaid Costume for Kids! The hauntingly lovely black velour dress has a center back zipper that makes getting dressed quick and easy. The mermaid-style skirt ends in a pouf of sparkly black netting to simulate a sea siren’s fin. Skeletal fish tail, spine, and rib graphics are printed up the front of the skirt, along with a pair of seashells. A V-shaped ruffle of tulle decorates the waist. Elastic shoulder straps secure the outfit. A Sinister Siren If you can’t decide between a pretty, magical costume or a spooky, spine-tingling one, why not combine the two? This undead mermaid outfit is the perfect, unique blend of fright and fantasy. Will you use your siren powers for good or for mischief? It’s up to you!

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