Skør videnskabsmand kostume til voksen

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THE PERFECT EXPERIMENT!You’ve had the idea bouncing around in your head for days, weeks, perhaps decades. Maybe it will revolutionize the world, eliminate hunger, allow unimagined access to the truths of the universe… or, of course, bring you fame, riches, or even world domination! All you need to finish your quest for scientific discovery and creation is the proper funding, the right materials, and probably to finish up a few of those online classes at Dr. Frankenstein’s College for the Abnormal. Of course, you can’t wait for all of that accreditation and governmental licensing. You have science to do! The world needs your genius to bring us all out of the gutter and into the future… and, obviously, we need your brains to rule us all. Who else could possibly understand the complicated balance of the formulae that you’ve concocted… and the monsters that you’ve created in your lab, clearly, only listen to you… so long as they recognizes, you, anyway.DESIGN & DETAILSGain an instant doctorate in Mad Science and ensure your creations continue to bow down to your genius when you wear your exclusive Mad Scientist Costume. Our own crazy designers have unearthed the best materials around to give you this knee-length white lab jacket with snap buttons down the left flap. We know those experiments are dangerous for the hairline, so you can show off your singed hair and shiny head with our insane wig and wear the round goggles either on your head or eyes. Don’t forget your shiny black vinyl lab gloves. You know better than to touch what you’ve been creating!ALL YOU NEED IS A NAME…Becoming a world-famous (or infamous) mad scientist is easy with this exclusive look. Taking over the world will be a snap. But, the real hard work is figuring out what your name is going to be. Dr. Malevolent? The Mad Physicist? Just make sure we don’t mix your name up with your monster is all we ask!

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