Small Child Pig Costume | Farm Animal Costume | Exclusive

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LIVING LIKE A PIG: A WAY OF LIFEWhen we see pigs, we see some animals that really have it all figured out. They know how to live a life of simple happiness. Pigs know what’s important. They aren’t stressed about staying clean and looking cool, they aren’t worried about their possessions! They live life in the slow lane.They’ll wake up, have a pig breakfast, then go lay in the mud. Maybe they’ll grab a drink of water and dig up some plants, but after that, it’s right back to the mud with them. These little piggies aren’t worried about what they are going to do tomorrow, they aren’t even worried about what’s happening tonight. They know how to live life free and easy, without a care in the world. We aren’t saying that you should go and lay in the mud all day, we just think the pigs got it right with their relaxed lifestyle! FUN DETAILS This costume will turn you into our favorite barnyard animal! You’ll be wearing a pink jumpsuit made out of 100% polyester velour. The jumpsuit has detailing across the entire thing that makes it look as though it’s a little piggy! The stomach is a different color, and there is a tail on the back. The booties we’ve included have ribbed cuffs and the headpiece attaches with Hook and Loop fastener under the chin. It has soft-sculpted ears and a snout that makes this piggy costume instantly recognizable. This exclusive costume will have you ready to roll in the mud! ROLLING IN THE MUDWhen you get your costume, you might find yourself feeling like a pig. That’s okay, that is the goal! But we will say this: We don’t think it’s a good idea to roll around in the mud while in costume. We know pigs do it, but you aren’t actually a pig and it’ll ruin your costume. We just don’t think it’ll wash out!

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