Smiley Emoji Adult Costume

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Never Fully Dressed without a SmileLittle Orphan Annie might have had a point when she was singing about a cheerful expression. A big smile makes people want to approach you at parties and feel comfortable and happy in your presence (unless you’re just smiling for no reason or smirking while watching something sad. Then it’s just creepy). But Annie could have thought a lot bigger because sometimes smiling a lot hurts your face. What if you saved your facial muscles by dressing up IN a smile? Genius! Product DetailsPut your best face forward with this Adult Smiley Emoji Costume! The pullover tunic is made of yellow, one hundred percent polyester foam and is roughly the shape of a circle. It has head and arm holes and is roomy enough to wear over a lightweight set of street clothes. The printed graphics on the front include eyebrows, eyes, and a big smiley face. It comes with two white gloves with oversized fingers – not great for typing, but perfect for waving hello!All Smiles, All the Time If your friends know you as a happy-go-lucky kind of person who enjoys using a lot of emojis for everything from exciting announcements to texts about where to find the most delicious bagel and coffee combo, this costume is for you! Try it out for Halloween this year: Scary costumes are cool, but a big, walking smile is just as awesome. Plus, you won’t have to tell people how you’re feeling with words. Your costume will say it all!

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