Smooth Criminal Costume for Men

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You’ve been hit by, you been struck by…a Smooth Criminal!You might not have committed any crimes but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a smooth criminal. Your style and swagger might make everyone at ease but that doesn’t mean you can’t hide a little mischief. Hey, maybe you could start right now. Wait. Okay, okay, not a good start. The guy you tried to pickpocket was an off-duty police officer. You have since learned to pick your targets a little more carefully. You know how to spot the boys in blue (even when they ain’t wearin’ blue), and besides pick pocketing is a bit petty-ante for you. You are looking for a big score. Something to set you up a while. Something like that nice pretty bank that’s sitting on the corner over there!If you want to be a smooth criminal you are gonna have to look like one (before you try to knock over a bank). This Men’s Smooth Criminal Costume should give you the air of a tried and true gangster. You’ll look sharp in the white pinstriped suit, just don’t start singing Michael Jackson’s song. You don’t want to let anyone in on your criminal pursuits before you even do anything. Just don’t forget to grab a Tommy Gun when you check out, you don’t want to be the only robber to not have a gun, right?

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