Snots Of Fun Girl’s Clown Costume

189,00 kr.

Color: Black/Green
Material: Polyester
Condition: new
Brand: California Costume Collection
Network: Commission Junction

Til butik


Clownish CategoriesSome people think all clowns are creepy, but we can sort them into a few categories. There’s vintage clowns, for one. Those can be either scary or just, you know, old. There’s the classic colorful clown that pulls pranks and magic tricks to get people laughing. There are sad clowns, too, that wear more blues and somber face paint. Scary clowns can look like any of these, but some spattered blood or jagged teeth definitely help the imagination! But what about gross clowns? Ones that are just straight up nasty? We’ve got the perfect, super gross costume you never knew you needed! Your kid will get a kick out of this Girl’s Snots Of Fun Clown Costume.Product DetailsThis costume is packed with nasty details, and we are totally here for it! The dress closes at the back and includes a petticoat to keep the short skirt puffed out. The petticoat also has striped ruffles along the hem, which match the fabric of the dress’s cuffed, poofy sleeves. The main fabric of the dress is printed with dripping, stretching, sticky green slime. Ugh! Even the traditional clown ruff is shaped like a splatter. But the mask is what really grosses us out. The bright green hair is fine, and the hair ties can be placed however you like. But the NOSE! This red monstrosity is oozing actual slime! It is stretchy and sticky and delightfully awful!Grossly EntertainingIn this case, we encourage your child to “pick” their nose! This look is all about being gross, and those green globs aren’t going anywhere. If you’ve got a child that loves to freak people out by being gross rather than scary, well, this is their dream costume. Good luck eating any Halloween candy after catching a glimpse of this!

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