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Trick-or-Treat TrainingHalloween candy is a big deal! Okay, granted, we’re kinda Halloween enthusiasts. So, we may be a bit biased. But thinking about costume fun all year long just reinforces what we learned as kids and what we’re passing onto our own kids today. Trick-or-treating is not to be taken lightly!After countless hours of deliberation, we recommend getting your kid into a rigorous training regimen well in advance of October 31st. And, if we had to design our own unit to whip kiddos into shape, it would probably take the form of an tactical trick-or-treating force. Kinda like a military special ops team!If your child wants to take Halloween candy as seriously as a high-stakes tactical mission, then there is only one look they should consider as their Halloween costume. This Kid’s Special Forces Costume! The perfect outfit to transform any boy or girl into an elite candy collecting trooper, this Special Forces suit has what they need to secure ALL of the sugary sweets.Design & DetailsOur own tactical and reconnoiter team, a joint force of designers and costume crafters, have been hard at work creating this special forces soldier costume. Inspired by multi-function spec-op teams, it’s the perfect outfit to help your kiddo get a head start on all of that candy field training.This exclusive costume includes a dark-colored jumpsuit and a size-adjustable pullover vest that features numerous pockets. For added realism, it features embroidered patches, one of the U.S. flag as well as a Recon Ghosts team patch that looks super-elite. Several fabric holsters slide over the webbing belts, one of which can hold the included safety-green pistol.It includes a black hood and a molded plastic gas mask to complete the look. When your child suits up in this intense costume, we’re sure they’re going to feel just like an elite commando who’s ready to set their sights on the biggest trick-or-treating mission their neighborhood has ever seen!

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