Special Ops Men’s Adult Costume

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Keep Your Operations SpecialWhat do you do to make your place on the force special? Do you write your field notes in gel pen? Do you make sure to play upbeat music in your cop car to keep anyone in the back seat happy and laid back? These are the things that make you stand out in your Special Ops team! Yes, everyone knows that the Special Ops team is the most fun police on the force. Their parties are always thoughtful. For instance, when Detective Inspector Brown retired, they hung a banner that read, “I’m too old for this sh**” and had his favorite K9 pal jump out of the tiered cake. Yeah, that wasn’t a party that anyone on the team would forget. Do you think you could bring a special touch to your police force? This costume is the perfect way to make that clear!Product DetailsThis tough-looking police uniform will make you look ready to take on new police business from retirement parties to investigations. The costume features a vest with pockets for police gear including the faux bullets and plastic knife that is included in the purchase. A face mask adds even more mystery to your special ops ensemble! Topped off with a S.W.A.T. team cap and handcuffs, this costume can be paired with a pair of black jeans or pants as well as military boots.The ForceWhen you’re depended on to help your partners, you’ve gotta be wearing the right gear. Even if you’re doing something as simple as helping plan Inspector Detective Brown’s retirement party, you have to be dressed for the job. Because anyone who’s watched a cop movie knows that the day before retirement is when everything gets wild. This tough costume will make you ready to make all your day-to-day ops extra special!

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