Spider Cocoon In Gauze Halloween Decoration

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This Nightmare Has LegsSpiders, they’re classic nightmare material. Maybe it’s because they are in the strangest places. They could be lingering in a pair of shoes that have been hanging out under your bed since last winter. They could be creeping under a beautiful flower that you just can’t help but pick up and smell, causing you to shriek in the middle of a peaceful moment. And boy, who hasn’t walked into a thick glob of spiderwebs while looking for an old pair of roller skates in a cramped attic space? With all these spider surprises, it’s no wonder that this creature is one of the main sources of phobias out there in the world. It’s like they were designed to crawl into our nightmares! Want to embrace this endless fount of horror? Hang this disturbing spider cocoon in your Halloween display and you’re sure to get the reaction that every Halloween enthusiast craves!Product DetailsThis eerie egg sack is sure to spark uneasy ideas in anyone who passes it. A mysterious orb covered in baby spiders hangs in white webbing. A loop at the top allows you to hang this prop from hooks, tree limbs, or staple it to porch rafters. Perfectly paired with spider webs and spiders of all sizes, this prop is sure to be a hit for Halloweens to come!

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