Spider-Gwen Costume for Girls

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A Brighter Spider HeroWe have to give it to Spider-Man. He’s got some incredible style. A ton of different suits for every situation. But, the thing is… they never really hold up to his personality, do they? And they just keep getting darker. Where is that splash of color that reminds folks that their friendly neighborhood spider-themed hero is there to make everything better? Fortunately, he’s not the only Spider around that’s making the city a safer place.All the way from Earth-65, Gwen Stacy is here to show the world that you can save the world and have a particular fashion sense, too. She’s got her web-slinging powers as well as the stuff to really rock the world. Teaming up with Mary Jane, the Emm-Jays really helped Gwen find her voice, too! With signature skills like this, even the notorious Jameson is going to find it hard to claim that Ghost-Spider means anything but the best for the city! Fun DetailsGive your kid a bit of bright color along with some spiderific superpowers thanks to this Spider-Gwen costume. This officially licensed look blend the perfect fashion sense of pink, black, and white to create a jumpsuit inspired by Gwen’s look in Enter the Spider-verse. Your kiddo can pull up the hood and strike a web-slinging pose while wearing the included foam mask to keep their true identity a secret. The secret warrior is ready alongside all the other Marvel Rising characters, too! Try Again, Jameson!J.J. Jameson might have a particular distrust and hate for Spider-Man, but who could possibly distrust your tyke in this Spider-Gwen costume? The Ghost-Spider is about to change the face of New York and the rest of the world and the Daily Bugle is going to have a tough time writing anything negative about this superhero star!

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