Spiderella Costume for Girls

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SPIDERELLAThis costume is perfect for any child that isn’t totally afraid of spiders! Which would make them way more brave than us, if we are being totally honest. But they won’t have any reason to fear, they will be Spiderella, Queen of the Arachnids. That’s right, she will be their ruler, with all of those creepy crawly 8 legged critters falling under her domain. This has its perks! For one, you probably don’t have to be afraid of spiders anymore. Your little girl can keep them from pestering you with a nod of her head. Of course, that could go both ways, so we recommend doing your best to stay on her good side if you don’t want to find your house covered in spiderwebs. But, as long as you are in her good graces, you can count on the spiders staying out of your way. FUN DETAILS This costume looks like the human embodiment of a spider! The dress is made of 100% polyester velvet and is ankle length with long, bell bottom sleeves. The collar of this dress can be attached with the use of Hook and Loop fastener and is decorated to look like a spiders web, a fitting look for the Queen of the Arachnids. The combination of dark and regal elements throughout this costume work perfectly to make for a scary yet elegant ensemble. PUT THOSE SPIDERS TO WORKNow, if we had a daughter who could control the arachnids, we know what WE would do… We’d have our daughter get those spiders going to work on clearing out some mosquitos! It’s a win-win if you think about it. The spiders get some good snacks, and we can have a bonfire without wearing 2 full cans of bug repellent. But hey, that’s just an idea! What you choose to do is totally up to you. Have fun!

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