SpongeBob SquarePants Barnacle Boy Adult Costume

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All Grown UpDo you remember the days of your very first heroic adventure? Teaming up with your superhero mentor and heading out to squash the villainous efforts of all the most notorious baddies was always exciting, even if it started getting a little old when everyone referred to you as just a kiddo. C’mon! You’ve got all the same cool powers and you’re right there saving the day, too! You deserve a full-sized Crabby Patty just like everyone else!Join the ranks of other hero sidekicks who are ready to stand up and prove that they have what it takes. Claim your place in the undersea spotlight! And it all starts with an upgrade to your outfit.Product Details Whether you’re retired in your 60s or still an active member of the superhero team, this officially licensed Spongebob Squarepants Barnacle Boy costume is just for you! Start with a pullover shirt that is designed to look just like Kyle Stangler’s heroic attire, including fabric ties and a sailor-style capelet. The shorts fit with elastic and the foam-backed boot covers and gloves provide all the accessorizing you could need. Top things off with the stiff hat and glasses with the attached Barnacle Boy nose!

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