Spotted Cow Costume for Kids

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How Now, Brown Cow?If your kiddo has been having a cow about Halloween being right around the corner then we know just how to calm her down. She’ll be telling all the other girls that are dressed as a boring princess and mundane monsters to moove on out of her way when you grab her this Kids Cow Costume. Yes, generally cows are pretty slow moving creatures that don’t do much more than graze the days away but this Halloween you’ll witness a one-cow-stampede! She’ll mow down anyone that gets between her and her sugary sweets like a fresh field of lush green grass. We would suggest taking some cattle wrangling lessons before letting her loose.Another bit of advice we would give you is teaching her some self-defense. She will be dressed as a cow, which is basically a walking burger. With all the candy-crazed kids running around the neighborhood all night we’re sure a few of them will build up an appetite. You don’t want your youngster ending up as the main course for some hungry trick or treaters. But trust us, no one wants to mess with a calf that knows cow-rah-tay!A Dairyng New LookThis Kids Cow Costume is made of 100 percent polyester brushed knit flannel fabric. It is designed with a black splatter pattern laid over white and there is a cow tail sewn to the back. The zipper is made easily accessible by being placed in the front of the jumpsuit. A printed cow face is soft sculpted on top of the hood. The attached shoe covers have elastic bands underfoot.Holy Cow!Your little one can stand out from the herd of children this Halloween with this Kids Cow Costume. It’ll be udderly amazing how much candy she collects with this cute hooded jumpsuit! Just don’t let her eat too much in one sitting, you don’t want her to be the cow that jumped over the moon.

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