Spotted Green Monster Toddler Costume

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Not Always ScaryMonsters get a bad name in a lot of fairy tales. They’re always the ones grinding bones, kidnapping princesses, and waiting under bridges to eat goats. Most monsters are just like the rest of us! Sure, they sometimes destroy the playroom and have temper tantrums, but otherwise they enjoy eating snacks, staying up late, and playing with their moms, dads, siblings and friends. Yes, more of them come out around Halloween, but that’s because they want some free candy too. Product DetailsLet your friendly monster dress up for Halloween in this exclusive Spotted Green Monster Costume for Toddlers! The one-piece jumpsuit fastens down the side front and is made of soft green plush fabric. An oval-shaped inset spotted with dark green polka dots is sewn to the torso. The matching mitts and foot covers are sewn with soft orange claws. The attached tail has a ball-shaped tassel on the end. Pull up the suit’s hood to show off the monster eyes, horns and teeth! Get Ready for the Monster MashGood news! Your home is being visited by a monster this Halloween! There’s no need to be afraid, but you’ll need to do a little prep work before he gets here. Make sure that his ghost, goblin and witch friends are nearby and stock the house with plenty of his favorite treats (that way if he starts talking about eating traveling heroes, he’ll have something to snack on). He’ll be a cheerful and sweet guest because he loves the spooky time of year!

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