Star Wars Toddler Yoda Costume

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Sometimes, it’s the little guys that can accomplish great things. Just look at Yoda! The little green guy is less than 3 feet tall and he managed to become the head of the Jedi Council AND he can lift an X-Wing out of the murky swamps of Dagobah using just his mind. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us. On top of all that, he makes being a green look good! You know who else is capable of great things, despite being a half-pint? Your toddler, which is why he might want to wear this licensed Star Wars costume to help him get into character.This toddler Yoda costume comes with all the pieces you need to transform your child into a wise Jedi Master. The polyester jumpsuit is made of a cozy velour material and fits with a zipper in the front. The woven, hooded robe. The hands and headpiece are sculpted to look like Yoda’s fingers and head. Once your little guy has all the pieces on, he’ll be ready to instruct you on the ways of the Force (or at least how to play around in a swamp).

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