Storybook Witch Costume for Kids

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The ClassicsSome costumes are classic. They are the costumes that come to mind when you think of Halloween when you were a kid. They are the ones that your mother has pictures of you wearing. The scarecrow. Tufts of hay sticking out of your sleeves. And one epic photo of you as Gene Simmons from Kiss.But the most iconic costume is the witch. You remember your mother painting your face a witchy green. If you look at any photo of Halloween from any point in the 1900s (including the one in the photo album at your mom’s house) you will find a little girl dressed as a witch. All wearing tall pointy hats. Holding broom sticks. And frilly dresses.And now this year your little girl can have her Halloween right of passage. Dress her up in this Storybook Witch Child Costume, and add her witchy photo to your photo album. She will have her own pointy hat, a flying broom stick (don’t forget to get her flying license), and a black, and green frilly dress. She will be the classic Halloween witch. And one day she will be able to show her daughter the photo you will take of her as a witch.

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