Striped Prisoner Girls Costume

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Not All Black and WhiteSo, you think this prisoner did something “bad” to land in the clink just because she’s wearing stripes? Nope. Don’t be fooled. She’s not a rule breaker; just a risk taker. She’d like to know what it feels like to don the proverbial black and white stripes of someone who’s locked up. She’s a revolutionary, determined to rewrite the typical ‘prisoner stereotype.’ She’ll wear the classic black and white stripes and do good acts: hold a door for a stranger, pay the bill for the person behind her in-line, volunteer at the soup kitchen, bake cookies for an elderly neighbor, give strangers compliments, run a 5k for a good cause, and leave money on a vending machine for the next person who’s hungry for a snack. After spending a while in this traditional striped prisoner costume, people will start seeing prisoners in a whole new light. Look at you! You’re a pint-sized revolutionary! Wear the girl’s striped prisoner costume and start changing the world for good. Design & DetailsA Made by Us design, the striped prisoner costume is a prime choice for girls wanting a traditional prisoner disguise with a funky flair. The off-the-shoulder tee features a prisoner number and is tied in a knot while an included black tank top is worn underneath. The matching pants have a comfortable stretchy waist and a convenient drawstring while the coordinating skull cap completes the look.The Old Ball And Chain It’s true, prisoners rarely have many accessories. Maybe a toothbrush and a favorite book, but we’re not entirely sure those count as accessories. Anyway, spice up this prisoner disguise with a pair of handcuffs and a ball of chain that slides around the ankle. These two helpful accessories (conveniently sold here) make you appear more authentic!

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