Sugar Skull Princess Girl’s Costume

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Bone AppetiteWhile we don’t think of ghosts as big-eaters, when The Day of the Dead comes along, people put the favorite foods of their dearly departed on aisles. When those who have gone beyond the veil, they follow yellow marigold petals to their living loved ones. There they soak up the love of family and friends when they see the altar, lit with candles and heavy with fragrant treats. During this time, when the veil between the living and the dead is thin, people go into the streets to celebrate the dead. They wear skull paint and dress up as fancy skeletons so that spirits can walk among the crowd and celebrate along with them. Does your little one have a desire to get a taste of the Day of the Dead celebrations? This Sugar Skull Princess will bring the magic of this holiday to life!Product DetailsThis gorgeous gown is perfect for twirling. It has a wide v-neck that frames the high-neck lace fabric that creates the sleeves. The fabric is rich with detailed skeleton illustration on the bodice and overskirt and red pom-poms along the hem as well as the V-neck. The skirt is buoyed up with multiple layers of tulle for a royal touch. To top it all off the costume comes with a black veil trimmed with flowers.Grave DecisionsIf you’re picking out Day of the Dead costumes for the whole family, finding the right ones can be a little overwhelming. This costume will match with both red, black, and white costumes to make sure that your fancy kiddo can match their siblings as well as their parents. Top off all of your Day of the Dead costumes with sugar skull makeup as well as masks for a look to honor the spirit of the season.

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