Sunbathing Sailor Costume for Men

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Life’s a BeachAh, the potential of the open seas! Who knows where sailing might lead you? You could end up on the white isles of Greece with ancient monuments all around you. You might head to a swim-up bar in a swanky resort in Hawaii or on a hidden strand in Thailand. You could even end up shivering on the shores of Ireland. That’s the thing, the world is made of beaches! You’ll be ready to land on any beach, real or imaginary, when you’re dressed in this Sunbathing Sailor costume. You know what they say, the world is your oyster!Design & DetailsOur in-house creative team designed this playful take on the classic sailor costume. The featured romper is trimmed in a nautical navy blue with a square collar and a gold anchor embroidered on the chest. It zips up the front and belts in the middle to flatter and bring everything together. The cuffed shorts have pockets decorated with anchors and trim along the sides. Completed with an ascot and a sailor cap, this look will make you feel ready to set sail!And then You FlyThere’s something about the idea of sailing around the world that’s so much more exciting than taking an airplane! It must be the sun, the salt, and the endless horizon. And once you leave port and head into the sunset, you’ll feel the sensation of flying more clearly than you ever have in an airplane! Whether you’re wearing this costume to celebrate your sailing expertise or you don’t know the difference between starboard and stern and you’re just feeling a little adventurous, you’re sure to feel like a nautical world traveler when you slip into this sailor suit. There’s just something about this romper that puts you on the fast-track to gaining your sea legs!

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