Super Mario Rosalina Deluxe Costume for Girls

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Princess Rosalina from the Super Mario Galaxy games is ready for action. You do know Rosalina, right? She hangs out with the Lumas all day long and she even tells them stories when they’re feeling restless. Sometimes she plays with them and sometimes they even go on adventures!If your girl thinks that hanging out with Lumas would be great, then maybe it’s time she jumped into a Nintendo adventure with this girl’s Rosalina costume! This costume dress has a bright turquoise finish, and it looks just the threads the character wears in the various video games she’s appeared in. You know we want to make sure this ensemble has everything required, too, so it also comes with a crown, so any girl will be able to become the princess of the Lumas.Just wait for Mario and Luigi to come pick her up on the Starship Mario, and they’ll be off on a fantastic adventure! Of course, you might want to provide her with her own adventure, so you could always dress her siblings and friends up in our Super Mario Bros. costumes to get a great group theme going. With this deluxe costume, any girl will be able to make sure that Princess Rosalina is one of the leaders of the group!

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