Supreme Alice Girls Costume

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Bring Wonderland to the Real WorldWe can’t lie, we don’t like to play favorites, but this is one of our most favorite costumes that we actually designed ourselves. After all, Wonderland has always been a dream vacation destination for us and we really feel we hit the nail on the head with this amazing costume. That’s why we called it the Supreme Alice Costume! Your little girl will look like she walked right out of a beloved storybook and is more than ready to wander around the block in search of delicious treats.Bring this classic storybook character to life this Halloween and everyone on your block will be ecstatic to greet your kiddo with the finest sweets in the land, some may even be better than what one could find in Wonderland. Dress up as the Mad Hatter or the Queen of Hearts and join your little one in bringing this famous fairytale to life! Just keep an eye out for any Jabberwockies that may have made their way out of Wonderland as well… they can be awfully moody and a bit destructive too.A Wonderful DesignThe dress has a back zipper and is styled with short puffed sleeves as well as a lace edging at the collar and hemline. The lace edged apron can fasten to the dress with the Hook and Loop fastener strips at the shoulder and there are also fabric-ties at the waist. Place the black satin hair bow that’s attached to a plastic headband atop her head and this storybook transformation is complete!Watch Out for Those Rabbit HolesHelp your toddler become the hero of Wonderland when you dress her up in this Supreme Alice Costume. She’ll be, without a doubt, the cutest and most acclaimed literary character trick-or-treating in your neighborhood this Halloween with this wonderful ensemble. Just be sure she doesn’t go off chasing any white rabbits!

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