Susan B. Anthony Costume for Women

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Give Me Liberty!Not all revolutionaries were guys in curly wigs and knee breeches. Some were the ones who knew that even though the war with England was over, the battle for women’s rights still had to be fought. Susan B. Anthony was one of those trailblazers who knew that there would be no true liberty until women were given the same level of respect, the same opportunites for work, and the same right to join in cultural and political adventures as men. Product DetailsThis exclusive Women’s Susan B. Anthony is perfect for courageous women of any generation who know how to stand up for what they believe in. The floor-length black polyester dress will look amazing whether you’re sweeping down the street as part of a peaceful protest or standing in front of a podium giving a rousing speech. Black lace ruffles on the full-length sleeves add an elegant touch and complement the white ruffles on the bodice inset and wrist cuffs. A zipper down the back makes this outfit much easier to get into than the millions of buttons that were typical of that era. (You’re welcome.) A metal pendant is attached to the white collar. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes. Your fearless campaigning will have you on your feet a lot! Who Run the World? They might have lived a few generations apart, but we think that Susan and Beyonce would have gotten along great! Honor an amazing civil rights activist with an equally amazing costume.

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