Sushi Costume for Dogs

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Share with Your Best Friend You and your pet are inseperable. You do everything better: Go on walks, play fetch, snuggle on the couch while watching scary movies, and yes, celebrate Halloween. The only thing you don’t do with them is share certain treats. Chocolate would be a bad idea – even though your pet seems to feel differently – and raw fish might affect its tummy. With the right costume, though, you can make up for this exclusion! Product DetailsYour pet will look like the best takeout order in the world thanks to this exclusive Sushi Pet Costume! The polyester outfit covers your dog’s back, securing around the head with an elastic band and under the tummy with a hood and loop fastener. the dark-colored material resembles nori, while fluffy white fabric looks like rice. An orange fabric shrimp runs down the middle of the back. Beware: Seeing your pet in this costume may make you both hungry for seafood. Where’s the Wasabi? No soy sauce or chopsticks required for this costume: It’s perfect all on its own! If you’re planning a costume party or a themed get-together, let your pet in on the fun with a cute and cuddly costume. It may make them easier to spot if they try to sneak a snack off of the refreshment table: On its own, your pet can be a master of stealth, but people tend to notice if they see a giant sushi roll making off with a tray of hot wings.

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