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SWAT Are You Waiting For? A friend of yours has a bad roommate. It’s a whole long story…they used to be best friends, yadda yadda…now they don’t talk. Anyway, your this roommate has now taken all of your friend’s ice cream hostage in their room until they are paid back by your friend for the chips they stole the other night. It’s hot out, so that ice cream is melting quick. You have a real high stakes situation! What do you do? Suit up in this SWAT Team Officer Men’s Costume and get ready to save the day, of course!There’s no time to waste-ice cream is on the line!-so get yourself to your friend’s house, don’t even park the car, just run it right up the lawn. Shoulder your way through the front door and muscle up the stairs. Timing is going to be tight, so if the roommate doesn’t give in right away, you know what to do…break down the door with one dramatic boot kick and save the ice cream.Fun DetailsIt’s all in a day’s work as a SWAT Officer. And this costume will make you look as well-trained as an actual member of a SWAT team. The short-sleeve shirt fits nicely under the padded tactical vest (note: it is NOT bulletproof), which zips up for ease of putting on and removing. The vest comes with a stand-up padded collar, side straps that hook in the back, and 6 front pockets. SWAT patches can be attached to the chest and the back. And finally, black knee pads have adjustable elastic straps. You’ll be ready to take on any mission, dairy or otherwise!Ready for the CallAnd honestly, you’ll need to be, because this city needs someone like you to show up when called and save the day from the bad guys. You never know what will come up next, but hey, that’s why you love the job so much!

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